Step 1: To access analytics, select in the Dashboard the "Analytics" option, available just under "Settings".

Step 2: With the interface open, it is possible to check at the beginning, the data in the graph of the last 7 days, referring to the new users and accesses.


New Users: A new user is counted when the user is added to the system, either by the first login via AD / ADFS or not.

Access: An access is counted when the user opens the application and interacts with some application item (news / event / page) and is accounted for in 3-minute intervals, ie if more hits occur within 3 minutes they are not counted .

Step 3: As previously reported (Step 2), data from the last 7 days on the chart is displayed first. In addition, the Worksphere Analytics tool lets you extend the data view for a larger number of days, or for specific user groups, by selecting the respective field, as shown below:

A) In the large box marked in red in the image above, the area is displayed to manually select a date period by clicking on two days to which a time interval will appear, from where the data will be displayed. For example, the image below was selected first on August 8th (clicking under the day within the calendar) and then on August 31 (by clicking the "APPLY" button highlighted by the green color in the image above, Analytics will display the data belonging to the chart for the range among the selected dates.

B) The system also has a small interface to the left of these calendars, where it is possible to select predetermined periods of data, such as data from the last 30 days (if the filter is not performed automatically, it is necessary to click on the green button " APPLY "to make the filter):

C) With the filter performed, we can see that more data is available in the graph. To accurately check the data for a single day, you need to mouse over a blue ball (as highlighted in the image below).

Step 4: As shown in the image below, there is another segment to the part that displays the data related to the data since the development of your company's app, but there are also fixed periods (such as access data for the last 7 days).

A) First we have the overall percentage of users who use your business app through Android and iOS devices.

B) Next, we have data on the total number of hits from the development stages of your company's application, as well as the number of hits of the current day, among other data.

C) Below is the pie chart, which demonstrates where application users have accessed the application. According to the chart below, we know that 100% of users use the mobile application. On the right we have the Heat Map of accesses, that is, the darker the block of time, the more people who access the application at that time.

Step 5: Finally, we have the detailing of the first new comments, tastings and visualizations data. That is, we have listed from the first comment, viewing or tasting performed on the first day of the selected filter, up to 4 more items (displaying 5 items in all).