Step 1: To create a news, select in the "News" menu, the "Create News" option.

- This procedure can also be started through the main page, through the "Create News" button, located in the upper right region. Or through the "All News" option, under the "Create News" button located below the "News" page title.

Step 2: On the "Create News" page, fill in the appropriate fields. Stay tuned:

  • In the title you can only enter text.
  • The news content field may contain:
    • HTML content, such as YouTube video source code (by clicking the "Source Code" button in the content box);
    • Images (selecting the file and dragging to the body of the news);
    • Videos (by selecting the file and dragging to the body of the news);
    • PDF files (by selecting the file and dragging to the body of the news);

Step 3: On the right, make sure to insert the images belonging to the top of the news (Highlight Image). According to the orientation described on the page, the size of 1920x800 pixels for the Highlight Image is recommended. From this area, it is guaranteed that the center of 700 pixels wide by 380 pixels in height will be displayed on virtually all devices compatible with the app (regardless of its size or resolution).

Step 4: Further down, you can edit the Date of Publication fields as well as the End Date. These are fields that will define when the news will be enabled (or not) in the application. Once the period ends, if specified, the news will be inactive in the application, but still present in the Dashboard.

Step 5: In the "Category" field, select the category (similar to the example below) to which this news will be part.

(To access the category creation procedure, click here).
NOTE: Remembering that this setting only categorizes the types of news in the application, separating them by subject.

Step 6 (Optional): If the news requires a questionnaire available, you can access a template modifiable by Excel through the link / button "MODEL" available on the appropriate page. With the changes made, following the standards of the Excel template, just click the "Select File" button and upload the worksheet.

Step 7: Below the options described in the previous steps, you can select the user groups (if any, and similar to the example below) that can view the news as well as whether the news is visible to all users of the application.

Step 8: Under "Permissions and Settings", the following are available:

Initial feed
Sets whether the news will appear in the main / app Feed, among other news.
Pin slide to Top
Defines whether the news will be listed in the "Slider / Carousel", located at the top of the application, within the Initial Feed and the respective category of this news. By turning on this item, you can declare a date (optional) to remove this news from the top (Slider / Carousel), and return as a common news item in its category.
Initial feed
Sets whether the news will appear in the main / app Feed, among other news.
Show Views
It displays in the respective news, how many views it has obtained. For example, if a person enters 2 or more times in the news, it will be counted and added each view even though it is the same user.
Allow "Likes"
It grants users permission to their users to "like" this new.
Show Author
It defines if, within the news, the name of the person responsible will appear.
Allow comments
It defines whether their users can comment (or not) on the news. You can also block first comments (Under moderation) so that they are listed in the news properties, and can be managed by the Dashboard.
Allow "likes" on "commets"
Enables the option so that the respective users can enjoy the comments in due course.
Allow anonymous comments
This option gives the user access to choose (optionally) if they wish to post an anonymous comment in this news.
Allow pictures and videos on comments
Allows users to attach images or photos to their comments in the news.
Allow Sharing
This option can enable the ability to share the link to the news.
New stats
Enables or disables the new (only for the application).

Step 9: To immediately make the news available on the system with the settings and data entered, just click on the "PUBLISH" button at the bottom of the page, or if you want to publish another time and there are still changes to be made later, click "SAVE RASCUNHO ".